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August 26th, 2012, 08:42
It reminds me of a documentary I watched a few years ago.

Russians under the soviets used to screen select children with high IQ to send them to be trained in a school tutored by some of the best soviet scientists. The children should grow into the next generation of scientists.
They were given priviledged means, were sent on holiday camps, had access to a portative camera (back in the 1980s) etc…

A woman who went through the process had the idea of shooting a documentary to know what her class became.

At time of shooting, all her class was in their late thirties.

In order and not exhaustively:

-A first one became a mathematics researcher. He was drafted by severa colleges in the US that offered full scholarship so he could pass a PhD. He went to the US, grew homesick and was unable to write any research paper. He went back to Russia to live with his mother, started to write papers. His russian mentor was unpleased with his work ethics (laziness)Unmarried, no children.
-A second one went to the US, became a computer sciences professor in a small college. Married another russian from a similar mould. Had kids.
-A third one went to the US to become a Phd dropout, discovering that coding commercial programs was more lucrative. Was chasing the buck around. Got obsessive with his condo and invested everything he had in it. Was unmarried and absolutely did not want to get children.
-A four one became a realtor in Russia. He implied he had connections with the russian mafia. Was divorced. Married again. No children.
-The director of the documentary worked as a model because she had the build for (tall and slim) and was working through connections. She probably shot the documentary to reap more money. Unmarried. No children.
-Some others, none working in the research field. Most unmarried, no children.
-A last one. Had a sense of duty. Did not avoid the two years compulsory military conscription as the others did, even if he knew people like him were bulled in the military to help military groups to build military sense of belonging. After the two years, came back a broken man, lived with his mother, got suicided.
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