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August 27th, 2012, 10:47
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You see nationalism in every corner. It's your second favorite boogeyman behind religion. This little bit of nonsense covers both bits of terror, so I guess it shouldn't be any big surprise that you're jumping out of your skin.

Before you worry too much, I'd advise you to consider your sources. Many of those points are being dramatically distorted by your source. No surprise there. While there's undeniably some tremendously bad ideas in there, I think the same could be said of every single political platform in the entire world. Most of the ideas, when actually taken at face value, are either no-brainers or regurgitation of established constitutional law. Of course, that's not really very scary, so by all means play it up as you see fit.

Careful, though, I expect the ledges on the ivory tower would be rather high, so you might want to come back inside.
The blatant "we own the land" that BillSeurer stated along with the many reforms to make it so is in the paper (which I read) and it is nationalism (the political ideology based on the belief that a specific people owns the land). The US do not have an ethnicity, the fact that they claim to represent Christianity rather than an Ethnicity doesn't make the movement "religious", they use the label exactly how ultra nationalists around Europe use their national identity and just like them tailor the identity based on their own political agenda.

The Goebbels-style strategy that at the same time lie about history and the constitution (which actually does includes the direct statement that the separation between church/state is a "myth") while also undermining the educational system is totalitarian. This is knowledge by design or brainwashing that doesn't let fact-based or democracy-driven education to get in the way. The strategy to undermine democracy such as undermining the general level of education AND the voting rights does speak it's own language.

Together they make ultra nationalism the correct political term.

Your comment simply mirrors the mentality that helps such movements to acquire power. But your comment also show a key component of why they work.

Ivory Tower, aka the windmill, is a ressentiment often found within lower classes that have been successfully used by many groups to gain power. The enlightenment learned early on that an universal education system is essential to keep totalitarian groups out from government because they always exploit this ressentiment, creating a dichotomy between the lower classes and the education system. In Sweden you rarely hear the line of reasoning anymore, people know that knowledge is an essential part of freedom and aren't fooled, but you do hear the very same ressentiment among voters of the Swedish nationalist party.

Some common expressions of this ressentiment includes;
* I didn't need education in my life so neither do you
* I do not need facts, I follow my gut/intuition
* <Education/Science/Academia> = Elitism

Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind. - John F Kennedy
An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind. - Mahatma Gandhi
The world is my country. To do good is my religion. My mind is my own church. This simple creed is all we need to enjoy peace on earth. - Thomas Paine
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