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August 27th, 2012, 15:59
Dear arrogant peckerheads,

I don't generally like to have cock measuring contests, but I'm truly tired of your continued arrogant assumption that because I don't agree with your leftie hoodoo and don't bow before your ivory tower idols, I must be uneducated.

I graduated with honors (Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta) from the college that has been rated in the top 3 (#1 for the vast majority of years) undergraduate engineering schools in the nation since the beginning of the rankings by US News and World Report over 2 decades ago. Probably could have done better, but I was a little distracted chasing the woman I'd eventually marry. I was a participating member of their regional championship college bowl quiz team, with a focus on science and general knowledge. In high school, I was ranked in the top 200 in the entire nation for the International Mathematics Olympiad (rather disappointing for me actually, since they only took the top 100 to the final round). Out of one of the top recruiting classes in the country with 400+ of the best of the best, I was one of 7 with sufficient abilities and background to test out of a portion of the liberal arts requirements for my degree (I also tested out of some technical subjects as well, but y'all have a tendency to be more interested in humanities). I've been working for 2 decades now, successfully managing multi-million dollar projects. I've owned my own business for a time, prompting me to gain background in legal, accounting, human resources, and multiple other functions.

Although I currently live in the sticks, I'm not your typical inbred backwoods hick, you stuffed shirts.

And the real key of it all, is that for all the accolades and accomplishments, I'm absolutely no better than anyone on the factory floor, or even certain puffed-up ivory tower pricks. I have certain skills, knowledge, and training that aren't widely available that make me better suited to certain tasks than others, but simply having lambskins and trophies on the wall doesn't give me some magical elevation in stature, supposedly allowing me to dismiss the opinions of others simply because I know better.

Y'all really ought to give it a try some day.



Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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