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August 27th, 2012, 19:25
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TFN's page's first link is "Click here for the full 2012 platform as adopted by Texas Republicans." and this is the same PDF that you linked to, same formatting and everything. I try to understand peoples position and I seldom buy hyperbole or alarmism so I usually doublecheck this stuff. This leaves us at null, I do not draw my conclusions from TFN but by analyzing the PDF you linked to.
I'm aware it was linked there, but you draw your conclusions from the analysis they provided, not from the document itself.

Have you ever read the national-socialist partys platform?

The things to look for is obsession with identity, reformation of the educational system, reduction of rights for minorities and pseudoscientific threats.
Just because two things have something in common does not make them the same thing. You are taking the worst case scenario of one part of the Texas GOP platform and extrapolating that into Ultra-Nationalism. To say that is a reach doesn't do it justice.


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