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August 29th, 2012, 22:51
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Well this is a very interesting discussion, but a few corrections are in order.

From da wiki:

Read the bolded parts for clarification. It's held to be MORE than just a prohibition against establishing a national religion. Although that's what some Republican wackos are trying to do.
Everything is in the interpretation. (though I do agree on the whackos part to an extent). It doesn't say that the government can't be involved at all in any religion, but as you quote 'excessively'. We've seen in recent years the separation of church and state get pushed to a point where Boy Scout troops have been kicked out of using school facilities, during non-school hours when no one else was, simply because the BSA doesn't allow atheists as members.

Do you really think that is consistent with the view of our founding fathers? The same guys, largely, that allowed christian services to be held in the House of Representatives?


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