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August 29th, 2012, 23:54
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I admit I don't know much about the Texas situation but as far as the Sharia law making people feel threatened, why wouldn't it? We Americans have a constitution, bill of rights, laws that we are all supposed to follow. We pay taxes. As far as I know, the only group outside these laws are American Indian tribes who are their own nation within our nation. Any other group does not have the right to come into our country and do what ever they please according to the laws of their old country if it is in conflict with our laws both state and federal.
Most Muslims don't want to impose Sharia law on everyone, just on themselves. And they don't want to replace common law with Sharia law, they want to extend common law with Sharia law. So, for most Muslims, what they want is to personally be subjected to the same laws that everyone are subjected to plus Sharia laws.

If we let them, will that really destroy American society?

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And the real key of it all, is that for all the accolades and accomplishments, I'm absolutely no better than anyone on the factory floor, or even certain puffed-up ivory tower pricks. I have certain skills, knowledge, and training that aren't widely available that make me better suited to certain tasks than others, but simply having lambskins and trophies on the wall doesn't give me some magical elevation in stature, supposedly allowing me to dismiss the opinions of others simply because I know better.
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Well then, I have been most soundly chastised. *sob* You managed to figure out all that about me and didn't even ask me about my mother. I thought sure you had to ask about my mother.

I bow to the awesome powers of your superior knowledge, perfesser.
So we can't dismiss your opinions simply because we know better (due to having an education relevant to the discussion at hand) but you can dismiss our opinions because you know better (due to having experience of a field that's irellevant to the discussion at hand)?


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