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August 30th, 2012, 03:03
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Another quote from the ressentiment I mentioned in post #4;…86&postcount=4

There are many many other "pearls of wisdom" rooted in that identity built on convincing oneself that despite not knowing much, one is still ok. The ressentiment comes from going one step further and build a morality that attempts to stigmatize the source of ones frustrations rather than being humble about them.

If you want to have a pissing contest lets do it. I received my MBA from a school that actually counts and most people in the world have heard of (less than two years ago) while working full time and supporting a family. I live in a country that matters. I served in one of the hardest infantry units of the greatest military in the world. You both live in mediocre countries with absolutely nothing to offer the world. Your countries are as insignificant as your schools. Your education is as irrelevant as your lives. As students you know absolutely nothing but how to regurgitate. You have zero experience and a blank resume. If you came to my country, which has standards, you would be hopelessly unemployed because there are tons of people far more able with far better resumes graduating from universities that actually count, and they have a solid work ethic too. Your future degrees are worth less than a University of Phoenix Online degree in my civilized important country that has more accomplishments this century than your countries have through their long histories. And no, I do not want to know the name of your schools as it will be gibberish with some dots and squiggles and pronounced like the savage squealing of a caveman.

If your hillbilly countries declared war on anyone they would laugh because your peoples have neither gumption nor sacks, and if we are to count recent people of note and accomplishments to the world we can throw brains in too. On the other hand, since I live in a country that is important and matters, if we declare war it goes a little differently.

I almost guarantee neither of you have any significant achievements of note and that neither of you have done anything of significance on your own. You go to school, woopity-fucking-do. Weve been there and done that; now fast forward some years to when you are an adult with some experience under your belt and we can talk.

You spew nonsense you were spoon fed recently from a crap school in a land of mediocre sheep people neo-savages on a RPG site. And you are completely and utterly wrong on most accounts. Period. No room for discussion. Lets take this as an example:

Harsh punishments seem to work while it have no effect. The reason why it seems to work is that the punishment-proposer is often in a situation in which they can be rational, while the criminal is usually in a situation in which they cannot.

The reason it have a reverse effect is that to the punishment-proposer (who should be the rational one) the punishment act as a placebo, kinda like praying for cancer. They did something and therefore there's a satisfaction that they did something.
Punishment, in a justice system, is for justice. Not for the punisher to feel they accomplished something. It is not for rehabilitation. If the people feel there is no justice, they take it into their own hands and seek vengeance. Punishment is so the law matters. Vigilantism has gone up in the US specifically because punishments have become a joke in a lot of states.

But, even if we look at some of the strictest countries with the harshest laws, like religious tyrannies run under Sharia Law with the moral police, or North Korea, their crime rates are extremely small (real crimes, not kissing in public or being gay).

Your point would only make sense if applied to countries more savage than your own where people have nothing to lose and are actually forced into committing criminal acts to survive. If you look at the crime statistics in the US you will see that most crimes are based off of want and not need. No one needs to force their penis into children or women (or even men). No one needs to get into a bar fight. No one needs to drink and drive. No one needs to commit vandalism. No one needs to sell drugs because their SSD, welfare, and free apartment just aret enough to live off of. Etc. I grew up in a ghetto surrounded by and participating in crime. I never had to steal anything or break things or get in fights or do drugs; it did it all because it was fun and I was young and dumb.

Your professors are only giving you the information they want you to know so you will believe as they believe. If your school has an attitude anywhere close to the schools in civilization, your professors are all bitter, hate-mongers who want the world and all the people in it to reflect their cult ideas of how things should be, and anyone who disagrees is obviously suspect and less than the believers. It is standard cult practice. We are smart because we know better. You are in a cult no different than scientology, with ideas as fucking stupid as anything the Old Testament contains.

But, at the end of the day, its not your fault your from an unimportant and mediocre country and you have no experience to speak of so you are forced to spew illogical gibberish. Maybe God hates you? Who knows? It is what it is. But, like Jesus, I and the Texas Republican party (of which I have no affiliation with but will take the liberty of speaking on behalf of) forgive you.
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