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August 30th, 2012, 06:44
You guys need to start by defining rational to each other

@Corwin & others: The point is that "marriage" is just a name for a union between two people. You can call it porridge for all I care and I understand that some churches shouldn't have to marry/porry to same-sex people if they don't want as that should be THEIR choice. However, in the same regard, according to state laws, men and women should be treated equally in my opinion and so anyone who chooses to have state laws protecting them by rights of marriage/porridge should as well.

This is my rationale -> Logical thought process. Equality for men and women. Right to have rights for both men and women.

Abortion is a more delicate matter, since you have to start by defining life, which is very complicated to do. My opinion though is that it should be the mother's choice, but that at the same time, it shouldn't be TOO easy to do. Exactly how to do that is hard too in my opinion. So basically, I understand why many struggle with this issue. I'm not a woman though, so I think it's very important for men to try and imagine carrying a child you would not want and at best MIGHT grow to love and at worst you'd dump the child at an adoption centre them moment it is born… Again, this is very complicated. I'm very much in favour of European laws as far as I understand them, which allow for the persons to choose what to do. This allows religious couples not to abort, non-religious couples who are against abortion not to abort, and people who want to abort have that option too.

Hope that logic makes sense too
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