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August 31st, 2012, 13:42
Not interested in having a discussion with this "Impregnator" but post a reply for others to read.

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If you want to have a pissing contest let’s do it.
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Your professors are only giving you the information they want you to know so you will believe as they believe. If your school has an attitude anywhere close to the schools in civilization, your professors are all bitter, hate-mongers who want the world and all the people in it to reflect their cult ideas of how things should be, and anyone who disagrees is obviously suspect and less than the believers. It is standard cult practice. “We are smart because we know better.” You are in a cult no different than scientology, with ideas as fucking stupid as anything the Old Testament contains.
In in my reply to a similar post by DTE I pointed out the fallacy of the entire premise of your post.

First, you are a conspiracy theorist. Second, there's no pissing contest.

The idea that credentials/titles matters isn't academic, it's an authoritarian/traditional emphasis on people/titles rather than presenting facts. I'm not interested in peoples careers, credentials, achievements, academic titles or points. I'm interested in what facts an individual presents to support their position. The rest is white noise.

The combination of conspiracy theory and misconception of the need for credentials gives a solid hint that you have no experience with higher level education, science or critical thinking. This is itself isn't the problem, the problem is that you aren't humble about it. You are the mechanic that offers to fix the car and claim to know better than the mechanics despite never opening a hood. You are the carpenter who offers to fix the house better than architects despite having no experience with workers tools. When challenged you do not defend yourself by showing your skill but by attacking the critic.

In other words, you are a fraud.

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I live in a country that matters.
Nationalistic pride as a personality trait is something I consider to be an early indicator that I am dealing with someone who achieved little in life and try to build up self-confidence through emphasizing origin or traits given at birth.

When it comes to facts, all trends points to China being the worlds economic leader in 2020. Europeans aren't looking at the US for future business, they are looking at Asia and have already begun to learn Asian languages in school. The trend also show that the average level of education in the US is too low to compete and the culture is too divided to change and is prone to collapse in infighting.

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You both live in mediocre countries with absolutely nothing to offer the world.
The nordic model is world famous in economics and social sciences for creating a productive and efficient culture with a strong economy, low crimerate and on average good social statistics. Meanwhile the US is often referred as a bad example with unwanted living standards, high crimerate and poor social statistics.

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But, even if we look at some of the strictest countries with the harshest laws, like religious tyrannies run under Sharia Law with the moral police, or North Korea, their crime rates are extremely small (real crimes, not kissing in public or being gay).
Democracies are often based on the premise that there are problems to be solved and things to improve all the time. Good statistics are important to reveal issues that need work. Dictatorships with a strong nationalistic pride are often based on the idea that they are perfect, a notion that aren't allowed to be questioned by statistics. Statistics such as crime is thus rarely reported or revealed. Sharia Courts are held by civilians without government intervention and are thus invisible.

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