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September 1st, 2012, 00:42
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It's already happened. And comments like both sides are doing it doesn't help. There's also the matter of degree and the source. A candidate and national strategy based on a pack of lies is much worse than pundits making up a few lies as they go.
Its not so much even about both sides doing anything how one or either of them can get away with it to the extent they do. That problem comes in part from a news media that is completely incapable of delivering these facts in a way that actually reaches people who believe the falsehoods to be true - whenever they occur. That requires they be part of a more comprehensive commentary that approaches viewers who may have been taken in from a point of respect and understanding first and foremost. That's slow and its hard to get right and not sound (or be) disingenuous so they don't do it. Much easier to save that for an online blog post or a throw-away segment that viewers can just ignore if they don't like the cognitive dissonance.
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