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September 1st, 2012, 07:58
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Do they actually BELIEVE this revisionist history?? It wasn't even a year ago!
Of course. If you repeat a lie often enough eventually people will start believing it. Or at least they will begin doubting the truth.

The purpose of the two parties is not to govern the country but to self perpetuate themselves. Their members spend more time raising money than anything else. Why? So they can get elected again and raise more money.

And then they tell us that all the big donations have no effect on how they vote (when they take time off from raising money to actually vote on anything). Yup, if someone gives me $10 million dollars I would never take into account what that person wants. They obviously think we are all stupid and it appears they are correct.

Because all that matters is getting elected lying, cheating, exaggerating, stealing, tricking, whatever it takes, is OK.

They also rig the system so that no one else can get in and if an independent does get in they won't have any power because of how committees are set up.
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