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September 16th, 2012, 16:33
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How many companions are there, roughly, in Baldurs Gate 2? At least enough to have a full evil, neutral or good party right?
Not really, there were only 3 evil characters in SoA, plus a fourth one added in ToB.
The alignment party member selection was even only in BG1, though both games were skewed towards good/neutral approach in terms of quest design.
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Max party size was 4 in planescape right?
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The thing is if I want to roleplay an evil character, I don't want to be forced to work with your friendly neighbourhood paladin. Unless I get the chance to pretend I'm good and trick him into working for me. And the other way around, I shouldn't have to tag along with evil necromancer of evil stuff either if I'm playing a good guy (nor should I be able to trick him, because that would be evil).
Personally I hope that PE wonŽt use alignment categories, IŽd like morals involved in party relations and quest solutions to be more granular and basically left to player to judge. I also expect companions not to be as one dimensional as "evil necromancer of evil".

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