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September 21st, 2012, 00:36

pibbur who
0. lives on an enlightened ivory tower
1. is a bit worried by his as much as 13% support of Romney.
2. assumes some americans would be worried if pibburs were allowed to vote
3. has never heard of Jill Stein
4. is a bit puzzled because the site claims that because of him nobody took the quiz
5. fears he might be sued because of the above mentioned claim
6. would normally not worry too much since he's outside the us
7. still worries because he'll probably go to Phoenix in january

and who ….

LIKES the count's evolution contribution. Especially since it means he's not nearly as old as he thought

EDIT: I looked closer at my results, and I see that I overlooked some of the hidden alternatives, and for one question I clicked the wrong radiobutton. So I think that I actually is even more of a JS fan. On one question I sided with Romney.

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