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September 26th, 2012, 15:59
Such a shame that hes gone now.
Where did he go? I think he is still alive but his son is still in politics and will probably run in the future. However, very few people in the United States and around the world are in favor of a "hands off" policy being adopted by the US. Like it or not they are in favor with our money being handed out to them. The Middle east problems are real and they will not resolve themselves by "leading from behind" We have real enemies there as evidenced by the last two weeks. They are not going to just go away but will look for weakness in our leadership. The Iranian president reiterated his position despite being warned to tone down the rhetoric.This is a guy who prosecuted his own people for secretly having cable tv and accessing the internet.Read his speech, he is just crazy enough to attack Israel. If he were to block a third of the worlds oil from being transported, it would be the US who would re-open the shipping lanes.

Thomas Jefferson ideally saw the US as having trade relations with all nations but being an ally of none. It's a different world today with the types of arms we have today and things should be monitored. Bill Clinton said in an interview that most of these dictators started out young and fresh but kind of end up overstaying their welcome. Maybe he has a point and the UN should insist on some kind of terms limits for leaders of other countries much as I hate their meddling.
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