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September 26th, 2012, 16:34
What don't people understand ?
The UN is not in itself a political entity. It is composed of those countries with those dictators.
Since they not only get to vote but are also usually allied (with many trade agreements in place) with any of the 5 permanent members of the SC - who all get veto rights. This resolution would just not pass, especially since on top of that many countries with dictators call themselves democratically elected… So it would have to be defined in such a manner where UN officials will have to decide who is and who isn't a dictator depending on many different factors (i.e. Is changing the constitution of a country - with a super-majority in parliament - to allow for unlimited terms a characteristic of someone using the democratic system in place or those of a dictator trying to take the power for himself ?).

In addition to just the voting concerns, the same things apply to enforcement. Who does the enforcement ? It's not the UN, it's the countries that are part of it. So you need enough countries to accept such measures too and accept to actually send boots on the ground to do something.

The UN is a place of dialogue, not a place to decide what happens in the individual countries. It's not a federation of states (like the US). It's a place where conflicts can try to be resolved using multi-lateral dialogue.
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