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September 26th, 2012, 21:28
Originally Posted by Pladio View Post…ment_Programme…lized_agencies
Just these are worth a lot. They're not the only ones though.

These don't include the peacekeeping missions in various countries.…eping_missions

Yes, they have many problems, but so do most international resolutions to problems.

Just like spending 700B dollars on military a year isn't without both advantages and disadvantages, it's the same with the UN.

Also, I abhor your view of coffee shops I think they're a great place to socialize. They have helped me befriend many people and are a great time to spend with friends and acquaintances. I spend money there to talk and enjoy part of my free time.
I completely agree that those aid programs are valuable. I question whether the UN does any better than alternative sources such as the Red Cross. Simply put, if we gave the Red Cross (or similar international aid organziation) the same pile of cash (and actually it would be a larger pile of cash since all the wasted UN overhead could be redirected), could they accomplish the same level of aid? Given the immense waste of the UN, I can't imagine the answer to that question being anything except a deafening, "Ummm, no shit, Sherlock."

As for your coffee shop, you actually pinpoint exactly why the UN cannot possibly function as you'd wish. Your coffeehouse socialization revolves around 1 friend, or maybe a group of 5. Let's put 200 of your friends in that shop, and while we're at it let's put maybe 50 more people in there that you can't stand and a couple complete loons to boot (maybe me ). How much socialization are you going to get? It's going to be an unmanageable and unintelligible mob scene. Exactly like the UN.

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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