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Default 6NOV: The Apocolypse Cometh

October 4th, 2012, 17:51
Regardless of who wins, roughly half the nation will be wailing about the end of days being nigh.

We needed a thread for election chatter. And I smiled broadly and spoketh, "Let there be thread!".

For our first entry, I have a nicely snarky article about last night's debate. I was far more interested in DDO last night, to be honest, so I'll have to trust impressions of the lamestream media. Anyhoo, enjoy:…t-matter-.html

In a nation as symmetrically divided by its internal politics as ours, the modern presidential debate is intended to do three things: Own the chattering-class media narrative for the next week or two, inflame the passion of partisans, and finally (not to mention most crucially) sway the opinion of those Americans who haven’t bothered to rub the sticks together inside their minds that will allow them to figure out who they want to vote for.
It was probably at this point that my interest in following politics went from sincere interest to something far more craven and black-hearted. I think most politically engaged people have undergone a similarly soul-shriveling realization. You’re not following politics, not anymore; you’re learning the black art of subtly inflicted mnemonics. So you stop listening to what our politicians say and instead start calculating the moron-response factor: How will this play on Main Street? This is the polite, Candy Crowley way of admitting that citizens who can’t be bothered to figure out their own core convictions are now in the socially calamitous position of determining our great nation’s fate.
In all seriousness, I think his "3 questions" is actually remarkably insightful and accurate.

edit- I tested the link just for giggles and it puked. Don't see the difference, but this link appears to work:…t-matter-.html

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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