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October 16th, 2012, 22:56
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Not really. Its the rebirth of an old interpretation. Not too many Christians in the first few centuries were interested in burning people at the stake.
First centuries Christianity was based on Acts that ends with the Church becoming the new body of Jesus Christ and the "church" evolving it's tradition through the holy spirit. The Catholic Church still continue this concept. A summary of the ethnic cleansing going on in that time can be read here, but remember that this was pretty much a reformed roman empire expanding it's territory.

"Interpreting the Bible" is a protestant concept that begun as late as the 14th-15th century around Germany, thanks to the Bible being printed with the printing press. This eventually lead to the 30-year war and the concept of secularism.

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And the NT is not even close to the root of anti-judaism. It's an excuse. You're smarter than that Jemy.
While it could be argued that anti-judaism begun with differences regarding the roman religion, the New Testament is the foundation of a continued line of anti-judaism in the west. This is a well-known historical fact. The wikipedia article is extensive on this subject and well recommended as it go through all aspects of this history, blood-libel, ghettos, the holocaust, but also the Christians who rejected the anti-Judaic sentiments.…d_antisemitism

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