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October 19th, 2012, 11:05
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It's nice to know that my highly trained and learned opinions don't matter; that my years of study and application were wasted; that all my teaching in this area has been futile!! Pity those who consider me to be an excellent preacher wouldn't agree with you.
From my perspective you are a God. That is; your opinions are interpreted by your worshippers as the word of God. Culturally this isn't significally different from Egyptian priests and their Pharao, the megachurch or the Taliban that all become godlike by their social status as an interpretor of Gods demands. There's therefore a personal benefit for you to continue to breed/feed the cultural structure that allow you to continue to be a God as it gives you fruit for your hard work, respect and a position of power even if you have to give room for other interpretors (competing Gods). Using your position to preach "be nice to one another because eachother is all we got" would also contribute to a better world but wouldn't be as personally rewarding to you. You are human after all.

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