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October 29th, 2012, 14:27
Well, problem is that you have very limited information about most of these things - and my experience is that truth is tainted from the moment it's interpreted and conveyed.

Which is why I tend to go by my own experience, rather than what's being written about someone.

As for Cleve, I recently read his comments about that other Kickstarter project - and that was enough to demonstrate that I have no interest in supporting his product. However, I can't even be certain he was the person behind the comments - so I'd be acting on insufficient information.

So, you have to go by your gut - and that's really all you have as far as being able to make informed purchasing decisions in the vast majority of cases.

Generally, I think people are entitled to their opinion - and the only reason I'd refrain from supporting Cleve is that he's actively trying to hurt other people in public. That's a bit too low for me, but again - I don't know his background for behaving in that way.

Thankfully, I have very close to zero interest in Grimoire - and I'd pirate it in a second if I felt curious enough to invest any of my time in checking it out.

I really don't have any principles regarding things like this. I tried having them when I was younger, but found that I was breaking them way too often - and that my reasoning was flawed to the point of embarrasing myself in too many cases. I've also encountered too many people with ridiculous reasoning behing their "principles" and I've witnessed them breaking them even more than I did, and I've just given up the whole thing.

Principles make you inflexible and closed-minded. Having a principle is like stating out loud that "this is truth" and you sort of have to stick by it, which is the same as being incredibly arrogant - as it means you're basically stating you can't be wrong. If you COULD be wrong, then why have it as a principle? Why not just have it as a current opinion. You know?

That's my ultimate conclusion, so I try not having any principles at all.
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