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November 5th, 2012, 17:46
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System is even more of a joke than ours is.

As for where the power lies, that's never been much of a mystery. But it doesn't take much insight into the human psyche to recognise that Obama is about a million times better for the people - despite being limited by a competely corrupt system.
Meh, they are both compromised by the political machines that have nominated them. Romney did fine as a governor (granted so did Bush). He probably won't be worse than a community organizer who's qualifications amount to less than two full years in the Senate when people started pumping him for President.

Add in the comments Obama has said to foreign leaders about 'having more flexibility after the election' and I'd rather have a first termer unknown than a second term Obama. There is little more dangerous than a politician not facing re-election.

That said, I'll be voting for Gary Johnson (Libertarian). If I wasn't disgusted enough to go 3rd party before the debates (I was), I sure as hell am after watching those two frauds not answer a single question directly.

Anyone that votes Romney or Obama (or for a Republican or Democrat in any race) is simply part of the problem.


"Ya'll can go to HELL! I'm-a-goin' to TEXAS!"

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