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November 5th, 2012, 18:16
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Thing is, the libertarians get lots of things right but get a couple of them really, really wrong (wildly isolationist policy and the gold standard). Hard to cast that vote.
And that is why you fail!

I don't believe a third party candidate will get elected in the next few decades, but what they CAN do is gather enough votes to scare the hell out of the Democrats and Republicans. The Republican party got so scared by Perot and the Reform party in '92, that they got their shit straight, put a bunch of really good candidates up, took back congress for the first time in forever, and for the most part did a pretty solid job until they all started taking their self-term-limits seriously.

The only thing that is going to straighten out either party is a credible threat to their power.

And even if Johnson got elected, being wildly isolationist simply isn't feasible. He'd never pull it off and would have to compromise. Same thing with the Gold Standard. It would never work in a modern economy, but the compromise that would have to be made would be a hell of a lot better than what we have now.

The Democrats and Republicans both have platforms that they get wildly wrong too, yet you seem willing to vote for one of them.


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