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November 6th, 2012, 00:20
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Why we can't vote online is baffling I can do my banking online, submit my taxes online, do everything online but this.
Ideally I'd like to see online voting, but unfortunately the electronic system hasn't been built that can't be hacked. The amount of fraud would be staggering in the current environment.

Our election process is disappointing. I'd also prefer to drop electoral vote system and let the people decide. Whomever gets the most wins.
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Every state gets at least two votes (for the senate, I think), then rest (for the house) are based on population, total rounded up to at least 3. No state has less than 3 (not counting DC). Take away the freebies, and the ratios match.

The idea was to squash the tyranny of the majority by giving slightly more power to smaller states. Thus each state gets 2 (actually 3) for free.
One vote for each senator and one fore each congressman, so yeah its a minimum of three. So long as we are going to have a clear line between state and federal governments (technically the states are sovereign unlike most of the rest of the world), there needs to be some method to make sure the NY's, CA's, TX's and FL's don't absolutely control everything over the other 46. That said, the Electoral College is far from perfect.

What I would like to see is that states do away with the all or nothing approach of EC votes. I believe Nebraska and Colorado divide them roughly on the split of the popular vote or something like that. I would like to see if done where maybe the two senator votes are based on the return of the whole state, but then the congressman votes are determined by the congressman's district.

So in a state like TX, where the 'Valley' region (border of Mexico to around 100 miles in) is heavily democratic, those EC votes would go Democratic, and the rest of the state (minus Austin) would go Republican using the last election results. The 2 for the overall state would go Republican.

I'm not a huge fan of straight popular vote, but I think that would be a nice compromise.


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