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November 6th, 2012, 03:11
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It's not a partisan issue. It's a small state vs. big state issue. Won't happen.
The problem is that voting doesn't count for much for a Presidential ballot. All of the other elections do of course so you can make your case there, though even for Senators, they're trying to get a bill passed that the populace vote will not elect them either. It's all up the the Electoral college and whatever they decide. We've seen in the past that even if the popular vote wins out, the Supreme court takes the right to decide away from the people and just favors who they believe should be in office.

Will I vote? I don't know, I guess, but it just feels deflating knowing that my vote really doesn't count for much. It's not that there's a grudge that the candidate that I vote for doesn't win but that literally anyone that anyone votes for does not matter. It's the way our government was set up and it's the way that it always works out. The fact that you can vote does not mean it really has made a difference. Not one vote, not a thousand votes, not ten thousand votes will make a ripple big enough to really change the face of the political system in America

Each state gets an alloted number of electoral votes toughly based on population, determined by the US census. Ohio, based on its population gets 18 electoral votes for example. However, this isn't quite fair because all states, no matter how small get 3 electoral votes. So a small state like Hawaii gets 4. Anyway, now comes the tricky part.

48 out of the 50 states use a winner-take-all system. Meaning, whoever wins the popular vote, gets the electoral votes from that state. So let's take California for example. They get 55 electoral votes. Let's say the popular vote is 51% to 49% in favor of Obama over Romney in that state. Obama would get all 55 of California's electoral votes. Hence, winner-take-all. Only Maine and Nebraska, I believe, don't follow this, and allocate their electoral votes by congressional districts or something. To attain presidency, a candidate needs 270 electoal votes.

What if there's a tie? It's complicated, so I won't explain that. So this system's flaw is that is doesn't truly represent the people's voice. In my California example, those 55 votes that would go to Obama would not represent the vote. The 49% from that example pretty much voted for nothing.

This system is kept because it's in our constitution. But, it's flawed. Bush beat Gore in 2000 in electoral votes, but not the popular vote. And now look where we are.

Then it begs the question it's not really a democracy then is it? In the end the votes don't matter just the state. I wont deny people would try to abuse the popular vote. Like everything else some people ruin good things for others.

Millions of Americans, I'd say don't know anything about the electoral college and how it works. There I think I'm done with this topic. I cleared up and deleted my earlier posts to make more sense. This is the largest post I have ever done on the forum.

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