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November 7th, 2012, 17:15
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azarhal I'm unsure are you referring to Elite 4 or Star Citizen.
I was talking about Star Citizen. Also the only thing you will be able to buy with real money on the official server is in-game credits. This was confirmed by Chris on the KickStarter comment section.

As for Elite 4 - to be on topic - , I have no idea what is their idea for the game. I read a few posts on the Net that make me think that the devs actually have no ideas themselves beside another Elite game. Their original idea was a MMO (doesn't mean it still is though), but right now the Kickstarter make it sound like they are copying the DarkSouls/Demon's Soul "system" for multiplayer.

There is some other "rumors" that make me think this game is vaporware though. Need more information beside dev creds.
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