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November 7th, 2012, 22:14
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Do you not comprehend that NEITHER side had a plan that was going to address the deficit to the satisfaction of the ratings agencies? If both sides' plans fell short, how would a compromise between the two have satisfied the ratings agencies?
No, that is incredibly stupid reasoning. Don't you understand basic math? This is another major failing of Republicans. An inability to understand basic arithmetic. Here, let me give the basics and see if you can learn something. It amazes me that someone in the finance world can't understand basic accounting.



that does not mean



The problem is that righties were unwilling to compromise with the Dems to come up with an E and F budget that worked.

(i.e. and E and F such that E-F>0)

No feasible plan could be brokered because of rightwing intransigence.


Now for something completely different. Have you seen this video interviewing people at a Romney rally. Very scary stuff. Halloween is over, already!

Ohio Romney Rally - Interviews with Supporters
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