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November 7th, 2012, 22:24
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No, that is incredibly stupid reasoning. Don't you understand basic math? This is another major failing of Republicans. An ability to understand basic arithmetic. Here, let me give the basics and see if you can learn something. It amazes me that someone in the finance world can't understand basic accounting.
I am not a Republican and even if I were, well I've been doing Linear Algebra and Calculus as part of my job for close to a decade, so I think my math skills probably are OK.



that does not mean



The problem is that righties were unwilling to compromise with the Dems to come up with an E and F budget that worked.

No feasible plan could be brokered because of rightwing intransigence.
You seem to think that a feasible plan was the goal of the Democrats. Since you want to see some math, try this one:

As it stands, the national debt is roughly 70% of GDP (per CBO estimates). That is up from 40% in '08. Based on current expected expenditures and revenues, it will cross over 100% (and remember this is where Greece was a few years ago) by 2016 and could hit 200% (We won't get there, we'd collapse first) by 2037 at the latest.

The Democrats plan reduced the debt increase projections, but not enough to where we wouldn't still hit 100% by 2020. The Republicans plan(s) were even worse.

How does compromising between those two plans, neither of which satisfy the need to keep the debt from approaching, and exceeding, 100% of GDP, satisfy the concerns of the ratings agencies about the future ability of the US government to service the debt?

What they were concerned about was that neither side was actually coming up with a plan that would avoid the fiscal cliff. The fact that they arguing about quickly we'll hit the cliff rather than avoiding it was just icing on the cake.


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