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November 8th, 2012, 23:56
I have come to a simple conclusion based off TV/paper and various internet forums.

People under thirty are heavily influenced by both an education system and a media-driven pop culture that literally shoves liberalism down their throats and vilifies conservative ideas at every turn. When you engage them, it's clear they don't even attempt to understand the issues beyond parroting whatever they heard.

When they talk about Obama you get the sense they're talking about their favorite guy on American Idol. To them supporting Democrats against Republicans has become like rooting for their hometown team against their arch-rivals. It's constantly drilled into their heads that the Democrats are 'cool' and 'compassionate' while Republicans are at best square and at worst the epitome of all that is evil and sinister. This message is pushed relentlessly across most of the media from films and music to sitcoms and talk shows.

In a sad way I'm reminded of the OJ Simpson trial. I remember shaking my head listening to all the pundits analyzing the prosecution's mistakes and thinking to myself that jury was never going to convict that guy even if he broke down and gave a play-by-play confession. This election obviously goes beyond just race, but the principle still holds: We simply have too many idiots who vote not based on facts and issues but out of blind, brainwashed loyalty.

Wake up and realize the entire system and both party's share the blame and responsibility for the way are current government is. And if we don't find a way to turn around this sea of stupidity, I'm afraid it'll take a monumental collapse to fix the system.

"Don't underestimate the quiet majority as we are legion on the Internet."

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