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November 9th, 2012, 17:06
I have a sinking feeling that they are going to do some shooter-based prequel like the Rachni Wars or First Contact War… Now, that was great history and helped flesh out the ME universe, but I really have no interest in going backwards. For whatever reason media producers are obsessed with prequels right now, though I have yet to hear any consumer tell me they have more than a passing interest in them. It's filler, and it's lazy.

That said, the fact that they're asking us to keep our save games suggests at least some real-time content. (Ooo! Prequel flashbacks!)

In addition, I'm also tired of the whole Cerberus schtick. I don't want to play Assassin's Effect. As someone mentioned, it would be far too much like Deus Ex or Alpha Protocol. Been there, done that.
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