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November 10th, 2012, 00:38
I honestly completely fail to see why people are so upsetů
He clearly states that he's not interested in games - that's hardly something to be insulted by, especially since he did allow his work to be used regardless, a move that benefited not only him but CDP and us as well! - he still diplomatically states that "The Witcher' is a well made video game, its success is well deserved and the creators deserve all the splendour and honour due", that "it is obvious that it had a positive impact on the interest of foreign publications and the number of translations" and that "neither the game or, God forbid, its creators can, of course, be blamed" for any negative effects. Where is the complain? He just wants his books to be his own personal work and that's absolutely his right. Do you just want him to disregard his own ideas and merely serve CDP from now on? How much ass kissing do people want in order to be contented?
"I am not interested in good; I am interested in new, even if this includes the possibility of it's being evil"
(LaMonte Young, 1962)
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