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November 16th, 2012, 09:36
It's been an interesting week in Sweden after the fascist party "The Swedish Democrats" were first polled to have +10% of the votes and then a video from two years back leaked with some of the party's top men arming themselves with iron bars in order to beat up a drunk immigrant and calling a young woman a whore.

Sharing some of my facebook feed even though most of it is lost in translation;

I know what you did last-last-last summer (from Ironbar Media).

For the next one; Jimmie Åkesson is the leader of the party and "?, cha-lalalala" is a common and rather crude and unsophisticated cheering song that means nothing and is usually sung drunk or can be heard at football tournaments etc.

Like, im not a racist, but when you hear them sing savage songs from their homeland one must ponder…
Jimmie Åkesson - Cha-lalalala, Jimmie Åkesson - Cha-lalalala"*
- What IS this?
- Some kind of voodooo… I believe they are calling evil spirits.

Are the Swedish Democrats celebrating halloween? It's not a Swedish holliday?
- Or all saint's day? It's christian, like inherited by the catholic Rome?
- Or Lucia, it's a tradition imported from Sicily.
- Christmas?
- Christmas? Jesus was a Jew.
- But what do they do on Christmas then? Do they go to Thailand?
- Are you nuts? Thailand is like a foreign place.

Note: "Slå ett slag" is literally "strike" in singular and have a double meaning since it can mean to physically hit something and make a solid and sincere attempt at an action, including a political action, but it do not mean striking workers like in the English language.

Safety & Tradition
We strike a blow* for our Sweden

With a good iron bar one can make a surprise attack.*
* Not a literal translation but captures the point.

* "Blatte" is swedish racist slur against african or arabic people.

Oh. You called someone a whore and blattelover?*
Please tell me again how it's the immigrants fault you do not have a job.

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