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November 18th, 2012, 12:18
I do not use the word greed anymore, rather I use something like "material need".

Most needs can be seen as a curve going from "too little", "just about enough" and "too much", where the first and last are problematic.

Usually we have diagnosises that describe these "too little" and "too much" and it's usually the case that "too much" is more problematic than "too little".

For "material need" I tend to use the word "hoarder". A hoarder accumulate have an obsessive-compulsive disorder where the perceived importance of the hoarded items exceeds their true value. A person who collects more money than they need to live a qualitive life, or made the collection of money into it's own cause, is to me a hoarder.

In times a personal trait that can actually be qualified as a dysfunctional disorder have been promoted as good or moral. We normally do not call an excess need for money as irrational or sick even if it's both deviant, dysfunctional and causes distress to both the host and those close to the host, even if hoarding may even cause physical or psychological harm. This tells us something about this culture of ours.

Another example of a dysfunctional disorder becoming mainstream and perceived as "normal" is sexual neurosis, the fear and anxiousness for sex and sexual expressions, that is also both deviant, dysfunctional and distressful both to the host and those close to the host, even though this may cause physical or psychological harm it's perceived as "normal".

More interestingly, the people who need "too little" are often the first to challenge those who need "too much" and it's those who engage in political competition while the rest are fine with just about enough.

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