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November 21st, 2012, 20:56
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There's no price mechanism involved. Money exits the system. You have basic needs - and you have luxuries. If you need something, you get it. If you want something you don't need - you get it if it's there and it's your turn.
This simply isn't going to work unless you've got some authoritarian black-n-white bastards running the show. Where's the line between basic need and luxury? Computer? Ask some punk in the middle of an African ethnic cleansing what he thinks about that. Steak dinners? What brand of car? Size of house? Style of clothes? Some of those are the basic fundamentals (food, clothing shelter) and you'll still never get agreement. And that's if we strictly look at division of resources. Let's add some culture to your mix. Gonna serve pork products if that's what you've got? Gonna dress in bikinis or burkas, given the different resource requirement for each? What if one of your citizens is a master gunsmith? What's an appropriate work week?

C'mon, you'll never get your society to agree to that line on anything, let alone everything, unless you limit it to about 3 people with similar cultures and backgrounds. So, the only way to establish the line is to have someone "on high" arbitrarily set it. That principle runs completely contrary to the intent of your vision. Thus, you've got a real pickle right at your foundation.

Sorry. No pearls of wisdom in this oyster.
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