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November 21st, 2012, 21:34
Too many problems DA.

Like dte said, where's the boundary between need and luxury ? If I've had shoes for 5 years and there's a hole in one of them, do I need new ones ? What if my whole day I'm in my room and I only go out 3 times a month ? Is it still valid ?

Your computer won't exist for a long long long long long long time anyway too.

Also, who's going to program all of the decision-making aspects into the computer. Someone has to.

And then the ultimate problem. Alright, let's say everything does work the way you wanted it to and a minority live in this secluded land where everything works perfectly. What about the kids ? They might not like the idea or might just want to relax at home instead of being a productive member of this society. What do you do with them ? Kick them out ?
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