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November 21st, 2012, 21:41
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Too many problems DA.

Like dte said, where's the boundary between need and luxury ? If I've had shoes for 5 years and there's a hole in one of them, do I need new ones ? What if my whole day I'm in my room and I only go out 3 times a month ? Is it still valid ?
If you have a shoe that will cause a potential health problem, then you have an actual need - and you will get a replacement. That said, this isn't a capitalistic society where products are made from cheap material, which are meant to be replaced in a short time. Products will be made from optimal materials - and they will be created to last.

Your computer won't exist for a long long long long long long time anyway too.
The technology required exists today. It's the research into what we need and what's required for optimal living conditions that's the challenge. Beyond that, we need to build machines that will last and be easy to maintain. The sophistication isn't the problem - it's the challenge of what's optimal for lasting capacity.

Also, who's going to program all of the decision-making aspects into the computer. Someone has to.
The people in charge of programming are irrelevant. It's the conditions themselves that's the challenge. We're not talking about an AI that makes decisions. We're talking about simplistic distribution models.

And then the ultimate problem. Alright, let's say everything does work the way you wanted it to and a minority live in this secluded land where everything works perfectly. What about the kids ? They might not like the idea or might just want to relax at home instead of being a productive member of this society. What do you do with them ? Kick them out ?
The kids will be brought up in this new society - and I'm willing to bet that the VAST majority will look at the alternative (as in, our current world) and run away in utter disgust. However, they would be completely free to leave as long as it exists. Remember, it's not an exclusive or isolated society - but a voluntary one.
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