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November 21st, 2012, 21:45
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If there's no work week, who will dig your resources out of the ground, or harvest the crops, or turn the ore into steel or turn the steel into a machine or run the machine to make the hammers that build those modular houses? How do all these functions get done? Volunteers? You actually think someone will volunteer to spend their day in the salt mine (or the corn field, or what have you) when there's no "penalty" for not doing so? Even if every citizen is a genuine volunteer at heart and maintains that attitude from birth to death, how many folks do you think will show up at the sewage treatment plant when they could just as easily volunteer to count all the ballots you're planning? And even if you claim you'll set up a rotation at the sewage treatment plant, who is going to volunteer to be there every day to train each day's rookie how to run it?
Almost everything will be automated - and all we'll need will be a minimal work force to maintain machinery - as far as we can't automate the maintenance.

You're thinking in terms of our current society - where all our systems are subject to economic reality, political interests and limited resources. Imagine a world where there are no limitations beyond what the Earth will provide.

This will start small - with only a few people, and the resources required to maintain a few people. There is no set number - but let's say a few hundred or a thousand people. Then, it will grow - as the mutually beneficial relationship with the current society grows.
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