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November 21st, 2012, 22:13

Some questions:

1. How is hard work rewarded?

2. How is incompetence and lazyness dealt with?

3. Will everyone get the same "amount" of luxuries or are some privileged?

4. What role will vice play?

5. Will there be birth control in order to avoid an exponential growth of the population that the Earth would not be able to support?

6. What measures will be taken if some members of the new generations do not agree with this world view and do not cooperate?

7. Will there be censorship of any kind?

8. How much time is there between a petition for a luxury item/service and the actual delivery?

9. What if someone accidently eats some of the best Spanish cured ham and goes on a crusade to convince the population to slaughter all pigs for consumption?

10. Will beer be considered a luxury or necessity for people of German origin?
(Btw, will there be Paulaner weissbier?)

11. Can people choose the graphical locations for their houses?

12. Assuming that entertainment (i.e. music, film, sports, games, etc.) is a luxury, how is it treated?

13. Will there be an army and/or police force?

14. There will apparently be no cars but will there be other means of transportation?

Well, there are many more questions but I have to stop somewhere. After 20 years of thinking about it I am positively sure that you have a very well argumented answer for each question .
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