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November 21st, 2012, 22:36
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It doesn't matter whether you make your goods from gold, unobtainium, or rancid butter. Something will still have to convert the raw material into a desired form. You're proposing that machines will do that, unattended beyond roving repair crews. Statistically, that's simply not possible. It doesn't matter whether your robots are made from gold, unobtainium, or sculptured doggie doo—it becomes a simple issue of tolerance stacks, and there's simply no way out of that numerical reality. Human input will allow you to mitigate the damage a bit (but never eliminate it), but you've already stipulated no human input.
I have not stipulated no human input. The idea is to start by researching exactly what's required for basic needs - and whether we have enough to support the people that are willing to join. Then, we will need to project for future expansion.

At some point, we will arrive at a reasonable point of optimal resources for the required machinery - and we will build it. If human input is required - then we will ensure it - again, based on a voluntary workforce first, and a forced rotation second.

Let's say a thousand people begin this society - and we'll need, say, a few dozen adults to maintain the machinery. That means requesting people first, and if needed - creating a rotation between ALL capable individuals second. People who join, will already have conceded to this.

Those numbers are pulled out of my ass - but they should serve to get the point across.

Think about Native Americans and how they handled the division of the workload - and you'll get the idea.
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