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November 21st, 2012, 23:33
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So basically, to work hard is simply voluntary and the results should be rewarding enough. And if the results are bad? O well…I still get my fixed amount of luxury items/services. Hmmm….
Luxury items are not based on what you produce or how hard you work, no. You seem very focused on rewards - but you seem oblivious to the concept of working for the result - and not a reward beyond the result.

So I could in principle sleep all day or sit on the couch all day watching television and I woukd still get my fixed amount of luxuries. Hmmm…not too bad actually.
There would be no fixed amount of luxuries. So, no.

So I don't have to lift one finger? Hey, I am actually starting to like your world .
There would be no societal demand, beyond the possibility of being part of a rotational workforce.

Well you know, alcohol, drugs, prostitution, gambling….the stuff that prevents you from commiting suicide out of pure boredom .
Suicide is an option and would not be illegal. As for the "vices" you suggest - they would not be illegal in the society. Gambling and prostitution, however, would work very differently - if at all.

The one child per family policy?
I already answered this.

What if others who do cooperate oppose the exile because they are close to them?
Oppose? I don't get it.

Ok, let me state an example:
A father gets up on a beautiful sunny Sunday and wants to take his wife and kids to a place he knows at 100 km distance where there is a beautiful lake where they can go sailing, do some sightseeing and go to a fancy restaurant that evening before returning home.
I'm not sure what that has to do with delivery. If someone has made a restaurant somewhere - then it would depend on the speed of the public transportation system.

One of the kids already had his/her share of luxuries
You're not listening. There is no set share of luxuries.

Hmm, some fine piece of aeronautical engineering then? I would love to contribute to that. No easy task though, gonna have to work overtime to get it done on time, so I gonna need some smart co-workers and a boss with good organisation skills. But will I be guaranteed to have competent co-workers and most importantly a competent boss?
What? You can volunteer to maintain it, if you wish.

Thank God!
So, you're religious?

No, but 20 years allows for some polished fine tuning .
In a select few areas, yeah. But you'd be surprised how complex it is to design a system that's workable and which seems feasible to someone who is extremely pragmatic - like myself.
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