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November 22nd, 2012, 01:02
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I overlooked your concept of "forced rotational labour". Out of curiosity, how will it be enforced? Do people get to choose what work they do or are they assigned to specific jobs?
Well, you can call it forced - but it's really an agreed upon necessity. The "forced" aspect is simply another way of saying that it's necessary.

I am not oblivious to the concept of working for the result otherwise I would not be working in the Space industry but instead in a bank earning considerably more money and meanwhile contributing to all the worlds financial woes .
If you say so.

The point I wanted to make is the following. Communism, the way it is implemented in the former Soviet Union, has shown that one cannot encourage competence, good work, effort and efficiency if the rewards, in whatever form, are lacking. Basic human behaviour. Working for the results is all great provided that you have a job that you like. Will your world guarantee this? if not, then I would never foresee a prosperous future for such world.
You seem to miss the basics of the suggested system. Human "work" is not required - beyond the maintenance of the automated systems - and that will not be demanding in terms of competence. Also, it's impossible to accurately determine the level of human input required - but the goal is that it's going to be minimal. If that's not achievable - then the system is not really feasible.

Communism as it has been practised has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm talking about - and I don't think it has much to do with the ideal of communism either.

Hmm, the example I stated wasn't meant to be taken literally.
My point is the following. Some form of vice is inevitable due to human nature. However, complete prohibition and full anarchy will IMO both have a very bad impact on society. So my point was to know to what extent you intend to "allow" vice.
No, I don't think it has to be inevitable. Vice is, again, a subjective concept. I'm not sure this concept is necessary at all. You're not really getting the system if you think it has to be allowed.

If I understood you correctly, luxury is obtained after a petition, or am I wrong? And, unless I understood you wrongly, resources and luxuries are distributed equally among the people. So I just wanted to understand better what procedure you had in mind for a trip on a Sunday, which would fit in the luxury category.
No, basic needs are met first. Luxury items - or what amounts to superfluous resources can be requested, and if they are available - they will be distributed according to weight of the request - which will likely be measured in votes behind the request - and votes based on the desirability of the outcome of attaining the items.

In other words, the more people behind the request for superfluous resourses - and the more people interested in whatever outcome of getting those resources - the higher a chance of receiving the luxury items in question.

I have no idea why you think a sunday trip would enter into any of that.

Then explain to me how luxuries are distributed among the people and in what quantities.
Look above. It will be a combination of requests and votes - with the expectation that the vast majority of available luxury resources will not be contested - because few people will want them. Luxury items today are very different from luxury items in a society with no class distinction or delusional value system.

Not maintaining, I don't care about maintaining. I talk about developing. These things don't grow on mechanical trees, you know?
You can petition a potential development, but the system will be in place and be functional without your assistance.

Make an educated guess .
You strike me as a young person who is smart enough to denounce religion, but not experienced enough to accept the possibility of it being a valid approach to life.

Well, such a system could work if all involved share the same believes. But it will not take too long for little D'Artagnans to start popping out and after some while even newer D'Artagnans will see the light. And as we all know, the original D'Artagnan is not an inherently stable system and needs to have a very sophisticated control system to maintain balance. At some point, the control system of these new D'Artagnans will not be robust enough to accomodate changes and the system will start to diverge and when that happens…..
That's nonsense. But yes, the people involved in starting this would need to agree about the fundamental structure of the society - obviously.
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