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November 22nd, 2012, 01:52
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You seem to miss the basics of the suggested system. Human "work" is not required - beyond the maintenance of the automated systems - and that will not be demanding in terms of competence. Also, it's impossible to accurately determine the level of human input required - but the goal is that it's going to be minimal. If that's not achievable - then the system is not really feasible.
OK, so if I understand you correctly, everything is already in place and people only need to apply just a minimum of labour for maintainance purposes. So you would basically cultivate a population of button pushers?

So that would imply no new developments and thus technological stagnation, am I correct? If that is the case, then how can you guarantee that scientific and technical know-how is maintained throughout subsequent generations?

On the long term, What if certain machinery starts to malfunction or if they need to be updated due to imminent environmental changes?

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No, basic needs are met first. Luxury items - or what amounts to superfluous resources can be requested, and if they are available - they will be distributed according to weight of the request - which will likely be measured in votes behind the request - and votes based on the desirability of the outcome of attaining the items.

In other words, the more people behind the request for superfluous resourses - and the more people interested in whatever outcome of getting those resources - the higher a chance of receiving the luxury items in question.
Sorry, but this strikes as non-practical nonsense to me. How you intend to quantify this without causing any conflict is beyond me.

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I have no idea why you think a sunday trip would enter into any of that.
This hypothetical trip is simply a collection of non-material luxuries and I was just wondering how it fit in your luxury distribution model.

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who is smart enough to denounce religion
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but not experienced enough to accept the possibility of it being a valid approach to life
Nope, very bad character judging on your part.

Anyway, as most people here, I do not agree with this world view. It reminds me a bit of the Amish communities where you either take it or leave it and are simply shunned and even exiled if you don't play along. Frankly speaking, I feel a bit stupid for taking this more seriously than I should.
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