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November 22nd, 2012, 10:46
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OK, so if I understand you correctly, everything is already in place and people only need to apply just a minimum of labour for maintainance purposes. So you would basically cultivate a population of button pushers?
No, I'm supporting a world in which people are free to pursue their passions and interests. So, somewhat less like the slavery that most people experience in their workplace today.

I know that some people have seen Wall-E or read whatever sci-fi novel where people lose their ability to create and to be innovative when they're no longer required to do manual labor. However, that's not my perception of humanity.

So that would imply no new developments and thus technological stagnation, am I correct? If that is the case, then how can you guarantee that scientific and technical know-how is maintained throughout subsequent generations?
Why do you think there would be no new developments? People are free to develop and improve technology. That's what the resource distribution is about. Again, two categories: basic needs - and luxuries. But luxuries aren't "candy and a Mercedes" - luxuries are resources you can request and then there will be a weight based on a combined voting/petition system. As in, if the resources are available - they will go to those who request it - if it's not contested.

On the long term, What if certain machinery starts to malfunction or if they need to be updated due to imminent environmental changes?
I believe I've answered this already. Maintenance will be required - and technological improvements are much more likely to exist, because there are no political interests to prevent them. But the long-term planning that goes into this - before anything happens - will obviously include perpetual function and an upgrade/replacement plan for all essential systems.

Sorry, but this strikes as non-practical nonsense to me. How you intend to quantify this without causing any conflict is beyond me.
I have no doubt that you have a hard time imagining it. You're living in a world full of conflict - based on resource scarcity and obscene distinction of "human values". What you aren't seeing is what would happen to the human condition if there was no struggle to survive or to live in comfort.

This hypothetical trip is simply a collection of non-material luxuries and I was just wondering how it fit in your luxury distribution model.
Again, I think you misunderstand. It won't be luxury items as we understand them today. That's why I like to call them "superfluous" items. Mostly, it will be resources from which to PRODUCE luxury items - and the assignment of such resources will go to those most likely to produce something that will benefit others - that's why the voting/petition system is there.

Nope, very bad character judging on your part.
I don't have much to work with. It was just a guess

So, if you denounce religion - how do you also accept it as a valid way of life? You do understand what denounce means, right?

Anyway, as most people here, I do not agree with this world view. It reminds me a bit of the Amish communities where you either take it or leave it and are simply shunned and even exiled if you don't play along. Frankly speaking, I feel a bit stupid for taking this more seriously than I should.
It's not a world view. It's a concept of an alternate society. But it's true that the system requires people to agree with it. That's the voluntary part. That's completely opposite of small communities - because it's open and anything but exclusive. It makes no demands of any kind on belief or morality. You're asked not to harm or kill other beings - and you might have to do occasional work in a completely impartial rotational system where no single able body is excluded.

If you think the demands of this society are high - then I wouldn't want to think about your opinion of the demands of our current society.

Also, you were taking me seriously? Bullshit. But it was interesting all the same.
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