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December 14th, 2012, 23:57
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Maybe not solve but could help? How many school shootings happen in countries with stricter gun controls compared to those with looser ones?

Don't get me wrong i don't own a gun, have never owned a gun and am not pro gun in anyway.

I think just making guns illegal though wouldn't stop this specific kind of violence. I think it would stop spontaneous shootings where there is a dispute and some idiot whips out a gun and shoots someone. As for these shootings though even if they aren't planned i'd bet it was something he'd thought about before and it finally built up to him doing it. He would find a means to do it.

Also, making guns illegal would be an almost impossible task at this point. Sure you can make the law but I doubt it be worth the paper it's written on.

People would not be flocking to turn their guns in even if the government offered to buy them back I think most would just keep and hide their guns. So now everyone has guns but they are illegal, so what. Does the government go door to door then and search everyone's home? I know I wouldn't go for that.

How do you get all the legal guns off the streets? Then criminals are the only ones with guns. Want to protect yourself in your own home? Have to go buy an illegal gun.

I definitely don't have the answers on how to stop this kind of thing but I don't know that simply making guns illegal would do it and how would you even enforce that? It would be like prohibition all over again (only with guns) and that didn't work at all.
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