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December 15th, 2012, 01:22
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Well it would be a step up from what the government is doing now sakichop. That's the problem no one tries to do anything. Concealed weapon laws wont solve the problem.

Only law enforcement and the military should have the right to bear arms. Such a simple concept yet many find it to hard to imagine. Nothing will change unless someone tries and people stop saying it's impossible.

It works in Japan and I can't see why it wont work here. Maybe were to spoiled to give them up or to set in our ways to solve anything.

This is a serious problem that keeps happening with no solution in site. This time it was children not just adults.
Well, we are definitely in agreement that something need to be done and if the banned guns tomorrow it wouldn't bother me at all. The right to bear arms is in the constitution meaning is been around as long as america has. The shootings however have escalated in recent years so just having guns around hasn't always resulted in this kind of act. I think there"s much more to it is all.

Who know's if it's working in japan? You can pick out other countries, and a matter a fact all countries have fewer guns the the U.S. but not all countries have lower gun deaths.

Maybe the reason it's lower in japan is better upbringing, stronger family unit and extended family,. I don't know enough about Japan to say if that's true but it's got to be more than just gun control or every country or state with tough gun control would have less gun related deaths and the numbers don't bear that out.
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