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December 15th, 2012, 06:11
criminals commit crimes with guns and will always be able to find them through any means. serial killers, psychos and mass murderers plan shit out and nearly always have aquired the guns legally. even though i despise guns and will never own one stripping them away from people wouldn't be wise either. sure automatic and assault rifles need to get the fuck out. put pistols, shoguns, rifles have legitimite purposes even if i don't agree with them personally. the problem is guns need to be harder to get though much like a drivers licensce which is too easy in itself. also there should be limits on numbers of them per person/family. Concealed weapon laws and all of these ones for school and public places are not the right direction though.

of course the guys to blame, i don't there's any doubt there the discussion is about how to prevent these endless disasters not wank off to how astute you are about everything.

as long as people think violence is a viable option for solving there problem, the sky is the limit whether its bully some one in school, abusing someone in a position under you, whatever else, breaking points will continue to explode like roadside bombs with lack of anger managment that is learned and ingrained since childhood

—-when we figure out how to build guillotines for corporations the new revolution will have begun—-
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