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December 15th, 2012, 09:50
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My heartfelt condolences to these families. These children are my grandchildrens age. I cant imagine one of them being gunned down. I just can't imagine the hell these families are going through.
This one was really close to home. Too damn close. And to be honest, instead of peoples thoughts and prayers going out to those families who lost kindergarten age children at Christmas time, every one is pissing and moaning about gun laws instead. One father had said he had just finished wrapping his sons presents and had put them away in the closet when he received a phone call. Christmas will suck for each and every one of these families forever. Whats it going to come too?? Barbed wire fences and gun towers surrounding every fucking public place?? What the fuck is wrong with people? Seriously what the fuck?? Maybe its just time to get medieval on these criminals asses. Steal something, lose your hand. Rape someone, chop off the tallywhacker. Rape a child, tallywhacker AND hands. Nobody is afraid of the punishments. Thats part of the problem. Make them afraid. Good a place to start as any.
I agree. Punishment should fit the crime but the animals who do this usually shoot themselves. As I said this is a serious problem and to me also it seems were heading towards barbed wire fences and gun towers surrounding every fucking public place.

Guns and total nut cases are the problem but everyone has an opinion and no solution. I guess we should all be barbarians and carry guns to kill the other person right? That's sarcasm by the way. I'm also not a liberal.

Every year we seem to be regressing in other areas while progressing in others. My sympathy's to all the family's and didn't mean for my comment to be a political statement just a fact. Guns are a problem and so are the animals who plan to attack and kill random people for no sane reason.

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