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December 15th, 2012, 11:05
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No kidding.

Maybe if the principal or someone else had a gun, they could have gunned the fucker dead after he first started shooting. Guns can be used for defense, you know. I read stories all the time of people shooting criminals who break into their homes, had they not had a weapon they would more than likely just be another tragic victim story. Sitting ducks, defenseless against an armed criminal with nothing to lose. I have a gun, and it's purely for the defense of my home and family. If someone breaks into my home, kicks in my front door, whatever, I can defend my home. That's a bad thing? No, i dont think so.

That's what the "right to bear arms" means to me - defense against criminals (who will have guns, no matter what laws you want to pass).
You think the principle should have had a gun, at the school? Yeah good idea. That's some backward logic, as is keeping a gun in your house to keep your family safe.

This is truly awful news, I can't imagine what those poor people are going through.
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