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December 15th, 2012, 22:31
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I meant since the dawn of man, not just in the current time. But even if we discuss it that way, first we should include all kinds of homicide, not just those done with firearm and second, we have to give statics based on rate, not numbers.
In the recent year, US is ranked #108 based on intentional homicide rate and just based on numbers, it's #14.…_homicide_rate
I compare with the "west" first and foremost. Didn't check in detail, but by a quick glance the first other western nation is UK.

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However, I believe in the saying: guns don't kill people, people do.
Since I study psychology I listened to a profiler on this. That psychological profile isn't uncommon in Sweden. So you have the people here. Do they kill? Not really.

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Also Some countries and cultures are just basically more violent than the others.
US is basically more violent? No argument there.

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