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December 15th, 2012, 23:20
That is pretty much the substance of almost every post of yours I have ever read, so it comes as little surprise.
In this case, it is stupid to disagree with me. As for your perception of "almost all my posts" - that's hardly very realistic and seems equally stupid. Of course, if you actually think it's a good thing that people die needlessly - it's not necessarily stupid to disagree. I have to accept that as a position.

The US was founded on the revolutionary (at the time) idea that humans can be entrusted with almost limitless freedom so long as they were willing to maintain constant vigilance against the misuse of that freedom. We have continued to hold on to the belief that freedom is a good thing, but we have shirked, outsourced, or flat out ignored our responsibility to maintain that constant vigilance. Without one, we cannot have the other.
Even if that was the foundation of the US - it wouldn't be a very impressive one. Given the history of your nation and what you've done to people who didn't agree with your ways - I think it's pretty obvious that any foundation has never been ideal in reality. But I don't doubt that supporters of widespread and easy access to guns are stupid enough to actually believe that the foundation was so romantic and naive.

I use the word stupid, because I find it appropriate given the level of destruction the position represents. On another day, I might have used the word ignorant. Essentially, they're one and the same. It's not a personal insult - simply a claim that you don't have the insight required to understand human nature on the level required for this.
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