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December 16th, 2012, 20:50
Still - he had a gun and attacked helpless ppl. In fact in all cases I've seen so far the attacker picks a place where he doesn't expect any resistance at all - that includes out-of-USA Brievik case. I mean… They didn't target airports, banks or police stations.

I really don't think that the solution is to have armed security in all public buildings just because the law allows just anyone to get a gun. Also I don't believe that the solution is a witchhunt on autism/asperger syndrome (hell I think I have some sort of it) or whatnot.
If there is no way that the gun possession law can be suspended, hell make a law on bullets then! Sell the gun, but allow having only a few bullets per person who can't buy another few unless presenting emptied cases. It won't stop the murderer, but at least there won't be so many victims.
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